Should you buy a home near power lines?

power lines

Are you thinking of purchasing near high voltage power lines?

High voltage power lines. What distance is harmful?

You’ve found the perfect house or condo! One problem. The home is close to power lines. You have a family and you’re concerned about the safety of this location. Could there be safety issues?

The answer is yes, there might be an issue. A growing body of research shows that proximity to power lines can pose a threat to one’s health, especially in children.

We can come out and perform accurate measurements to be sure. What’s a safe distance? It depends on many factors. The only way to be sure is to have a qualified EMF inspector test the magnetic and electric radiation levels for you. Our measurements will tell you whether it is safe or not based on the most recent and most trusted safety guidelines.

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Top Ten Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation.

Avoid, keep your distance from, and turn off these sources of EMF …

  • Electrical equipment and electronics
  • WiFi
  • Cell Phones (keep them away from your body, and off at night)
  • Cordless Phones (replace with corded models)
  • Home or Office Wiring (have it measured)
  • Smart Meters
  • Don’t live near a cell tower (if you do, talk to us about shielding)
  • Don’t live near high voltage power lines (there is no solution except to move!)

Bedroom Sleeping Practices (full tips here)
Workspace Practices …


Have one of our EMF technicians come to your home to test the EMF levels. You won’t know until you have the electrical, magnetic and high frequency readings measured and interpreted for you. You should have values less than 1 milliGauss for magnetic fields;  5 V/m for electric fields; 40 – 50 GS units for dirty electricity; and 0.01 microW/cm2 for wireless radiation.

General Health Tip: Keep fit, eat well. Exercise, get fresh air, eat fresh organic foods, take plant-based supplements, and learn to have a relaxed attitude.

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