Power lines cause strong EMF radiation

Whether the big transmission lines or local distribution lines, these power conduits cause high levels of EMF

power lines

What are the Health Risks Associated with Living Near High-Voltage Power Lines?

Paul Singer, Geovital trained EMF inspector

Potential health concerns about power lines were first raised in 1979. The study associated increased risk of childhood leukemia with residential proximity to power lines. More recent studies such as that by Draper, seem to indicate an elevated risk of childhood leukemia from proximity to resdiential power lines. After all this time, and after many studies, scientists are still divided over the risks. But one thing is for certain: there are valid concerns. Our approach is this. Why not be as safe as you can be? Would it not be better to live farther away from power lines than closer?

We perform EMF testing and inspections. Accurate measurements compared against the most trustworthy health guidelines

We test for both the magnetic as well as the electric non-ionizing radiation frequencies that are radiated from power lines.

  • Accurate readings
  • On the spot explanation of the findings
  • Complete written report
  • Remediation options (if indicated)

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