EMF testing for your home or workplace … Inspections and remediation

EMF testing and inspections for Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North & South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and across the U.S.A.

EMF testing and inspections

We measure for the 3 types of electromagnetic radiation that can cause health problems. Using professional EMF meters, we provide accurate readings and help you compare them to safety guidelines. We’ll help you understand whether your property is safe or not and what can be done about it. REMEDIATION SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE.



If you have concerns about the safety of nearby power lines, cell phone towers or about the various types of EMF in your home, then we are available to help.

Employers may wish to evaluate employee workspaces for Health and Safety purposes. We’ll identify electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and dirty electricity. We use professional EMF meters to EMF intensity in your environment.

Based on our advanced training from GEOVITAL ACADEMY for Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine, we can find and help you remediate the harmful EMF energy in your space, thus reducing your health risks. Together with our sister companies, EMF Home Inspections, and EMF Safe Workplace, we’ve been doing inspections and remediation for 11 years.

Our Methodology

In the process of the EMF Home Inspection, we measure for:

  1. Harmful magnetic frequencies (measured in mG)
  2. Harmful electrical frequencies (V/m)
  3. Harmful radio frequencies (RF)

About Our Meters

We use professional GEOVITAL field probes; the finest in the business.

Common Sources of EMF

Nearby high-voltage transmission lines, local distribution power lines and transformers are often of concern. These sources cause both magnetic and electric frequencies.

RF frequencies come from cell phones, cordless phones, wifi and cell towers. We measure and report findings and recommendations for each of these as well.

A full EMF Consultation

We’ll provide you with the most useful scientific data concerning EMFs after the home inspection. We call this the educational part of the visit. We show you how EMFs are generated, how they affect your health and provide tips on minimizing exposure. An important factor is to know which authorities have the best guidelines on what is safe or harmful. We provide you with a clear understanding of this.

Written Report

We provide not only an on-site report of our findings but also a written report within a couple of days.

Shielding Products, Filters, and other Solutions

Full range of shielding products available. VISIT OUR SHOP!


EMF INSPECTORS IN THESE FLORIDA CITIES: Bonita Springs, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami, Naples, Orlando, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Venice.
EMF INSPECTORES IN THESE GEORGIA CITIES: Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah

WE NOW HAVE EMF INSPECTORS IN THESE ADDITIONAL STATES: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North & South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. We also have affiliates in many other states.

Should you buy a home near power lines?

power lines

Are you thinking of purchasing near high voltage power lines?

High voltage power lines. What distance is harmful?

You’ve found the perfect house or condo! One problem. The home is close to power lines. You have a family and you’re concerned about the safety of this location. Could there be safety issues?

The answer is yes, there might be an issue. A growing body of research shows that proximity to power lines can pose a threat to one’s health, especially in children.

We can come out and perform accurate measurements to be sure. What’s a safe distance? It depends on many factors. The only way to be sure is to have a qualified EMF inspector test the magnetic and electric radiation levels for you. Our measurements will tell you whether it is safe or not based on the most recent and most trusted safety guidelines.

EMF inspections in Florida, Georgia, and across the U.S.

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All about EMF meters and shielding solutions

emf meters
EMF safety for babies

EMF Meters: a Simple Primer

The meters we use in our home inspections cost thousands of dollars. A do-it-yourselfer who buys a meter on Amazon can never get the accuracy, the highly trained perspective to understand the ramifications of the environment being tested, and know how to assess the readings with an informed action plan on how to proceed. That said, we try to accommodate every type of consumer.

Basically, you are either interested in how bad the radiation from nearby power lines is, or you’re concerned about nearby cell towers. The power lines produce magnetic and electric radiation. That requires a specific type of Gauss meter. The cell tower (or smart meter, or other wireless technology) produces radio frequency (RF). To measure RF, you need a different meter. Sometimes our clients have an equal interest in all three type of EMF radiation. For this, the two meters are required. Note, a “combo” meter simply can’t do the job adequately.

OPTION ONE: Do you want to try doing your own EMF measurements?

In that case, we offer you a kind of hybrid solution that lets you be hands on, but you won’t be left in the cold. Rather than going it alone, we’ll be at your side. Our remote inspection package allows you to buy one of our higher level consumer meters (near professional-grade), and at an agreed upon time, we guide you by phone or video conference in the use of the meter and how to understand the readings. We also provide you with a professionally written report based on the measurements and the whole collaborative process of interpreting your results and potential remediation options is included.


Do you want to proceed with our Remote Inspection Package? This includes the meter you need, and our remote assistance in using it. Report included. Contact us here for more details.

OPTION TWO: An Onsite EMF Inspection by one of our trained and certified Consultants.

If you’re anywhere in Florida or Georgia, we’ll come to do an onsite inspection. If you’re located elsewhere, chances are we can assist. We have a network of consultants across the U.S. and Canada.


EMF inspections: cities we serve

EMF inspections and testing in Northern Ohio

Now servicing the following locations across the United States:

List of Cities we serve …

Our consultants do EMF inspections in the following U.S. cities (in order of size):

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Houston, Texas
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Austin, Texas
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Nashville, Tennesse
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Miami, Florida
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Tampa, Florida
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Orlando, Florida
  • and more!

Updated November 28, 2021.

Types of Clients Served

  • Pre-purchase homes (before you buy)
  • Existing Homes
  • Commercial Properties, workplaces

Dangers of EMFs according to the authorities

Significant recent research has prompted the establishment of increasingly prudent standards for EMF exposure. According to several government authorities, EMFs can cause some degree of increased risk of childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer, Lou Gehrig Disease, and miscarriage. Find out now if your existing home or that dream property you’re about to buy is safe or not.

What we do

We test the entire house or workplace from an electromagnetic standpoint. We use professional meters to find out where the “hot spots” are.

Our team is trained by Geovital Academy, the world’s leading EMF detection authority. We are certified by them and continually upgrade our knowledge through hundreds of hours of research. We stay informed on the latest in EMF knowledge.

If you are concerned about overhead power lines, mobile phone masts or about the invisible EMFs of electronic devices, then is for you. We identify electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and dirty electricity. And we offer assistance in fixing or reducing the trouble spots.

We use professional EMF meters to track EMFs to their source. First we will give you a verbal summary of our findings. Then we’ll provide the results of the survey in a written report. It will show the location and intensity of EMFs within the property and give practical steps on how they can be eliminated or avoided at minimal cost. One of the solutions we may recommend is the installation of Graham-Stetzer filters in your place. They filter out much of the dangerous high frequency energy. We’re getting reports of health changing results from our clients.

We measure for:

• Magnetic frequencies
• Electric frequencies
• Dirty electricity
• Radio frequencies / high frequencies


Top Ten Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation.

Avoid, keep your distance from, and turn off these sources of EMF …

  • Electrical equipment and electronics
  • WiFi
  • Cell Phones (keep them away from your body, and off at night)
  • Cordless Phones (replace with corded models)
  • Home or Office Wiring (have it measured)
  • Smart Meters
  • Don’t live near a cell tower (if you do, talk to us about shielding)
  • Don’t live near high voltage power lines (there is no solution except to move!)

Bedroom Sleeping Practices (full tips here)
Workspace Practices …


Have one of our EMF technicians come to your home to test the EMF levels. You won’t know until you have the electrical, magnetic and high frequency readings measured and interpreted for you. You should have values less than 1 milliGauss for magnetic fields;  5 V/m for electric fields; 40 – 50 GS units for dirty electricity; and 0.01 microW/cm2 for wireless radiation.

General Health Tip: Keep fit, eat well. Exercise, get fresh air, eat fresh organic foods, take plant-based supplements, and learn to have a relaxed attitude.

EMF inspections and testing in the states of Florida and Georgia.