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This package lets you take advantage of our inspection service remotely by phone (includes the proper meter). First, Order the Remote Inspection Service below, and then purchase the meter that best suits your need. CONTACT US HERE IF YOU NEED HELP CHOOSING THE CORRECT METER. At an agreed upon time, we’ll guide you by phone in the use of the meter and how to understand the readings. We’ll also provide you with a professionally written EMF Report based on your measurements and our assistance in interpreting your results and recommendations of potential remediation options should they be needed.

Please follow steps #1 and #2 below for your remote inspection. Namely, buy the remote inspection consulting portion, then buy the meter (two separate transactions).

1. Buy the Consulting Portion of Your Inspection Package Here:

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2. Buy the Meter Here

EMF meters. Our professional recommendations. WE SHIP U.S. and CANADA. This meter order will be your second transaction to complete the package (the meter ships out from our warehouse partner, SLT).

Order just one of these meters if you have a single specific concern. Order both of the first two meters if you want to test for ALL FORMS of harmful EMF.


– If your concern has to do with the flow of electricity nearby, such as power lines, the wiring in your home, or appliances to name a few, you can order ITEM A (the ME 3030b).

– If your concern is to do with wireless data flow, such as nearby cell towers, smart meters, wi-fi, etc., then you should order ITEM B (the Safe and Sound RF meter).

– If you’re concerned about all of the above, then get both. Just click on the first “Buy” button, and then add the second item to your cart as well. Need help? CONTACT US HERE IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION.

We take pride in these meters as the best quality/value ratio. After years of testing various meters in our inspections, we know these will fit the bill for you. Note: shipping extra. Prices shown here are in U.S. funds. Be sure to toggle U.S. funds or Canadian on the product page in the shop.

ME 3030b EMF meter

ME 3030b

ITEM A. EMF meter for magnetic and electric EMF measurements. Suitable for testing EMF levels from power lines, indoor wiring, appliances, etc. Ships from Safe Living Technologies.


Safe and Sound RF meter

Safe and Sound Classic II RF Meter

ITEM B. Compact and easy to use detector for Radio Frequency. Accurate and simple reading of RF levels. Colour coded LED’s that visually correspond to measurement ranges of RF exposure. Includes sound signature analysis to help identify types of RF Sources. Ships from Safe Living Technologies.


Need both meters? Just add the second one to your cart from the shopping page, or return here to click the second “Buy” button. Either way will work.

Dirty Electricity Filters and Meter

To Greenwave store

To Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filter Store.
Items C and D. Be sure to order both the number of filters you need (about 2 per room). You must also order the meter to help you deploy them. There is only one Greenwave meter, so you can’t make a mistake.

Professional EMF Meter (Magnetic & Electric):

Gigahertz ME 3851A EMF Meter

Item E. ME 3851A Professional grade EMF meter for magnetic and electric EMF measurements. Suitable for testing EMF levels from power lines, indoor wiring, appliances, etc. Wider frequency range, super accurate.


Professional RF Meter

Safe and Sound Pro RF meter

Item F. Safe and Sound Pro II. 5G Ready! – RF Meter with effective measurement range of 200 MHz to 8 GHz, true response detection range 400 MHz to 7.2 GHz (+/- 6dB). With 4 line Display. 3rd party tested. Will measure 5G cellular signals between (200 MHz – 8 GHz).

  • Cell towers (2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, Low and Mid Band 5G.
  • Emissions from Cell phones, Cordless phones, Wireless routers (both 2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth, Smart meters.