Pixel 4a with GrapheneOS

Pixel 4a with Graphene

Pixel 4a 128GB (Black) GrapheneOS installed, Unlocked

$695 CAD + delivery

This unGoogled Pixel 4A is the next evolution in smartphone privacy!

128 Gigs storage, 5.8” OLED screen, great front and back cameras, vibrant colours, fast processor, lots of RAM, fingerprint sensor on back (optionally use it or not), long battery life. Supports LTE and dual-band Wi-Fi. Graphene operating system, access to a range of apps in alternate app stores such as F-Droid and APKpure.

If you care about security and privacy at the OS level, this is your perfect companion.  Just pop in your existing SIM card, and you’re up-and-running. TO ORDER PAGE

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1 thought on “Pixel 4a with GrapheneOS”

  1. Had this phone for a few months now and love it!

    You can’t begin to understand just how much spyware is running silently and unseen on your typical phone. That is, until you switch to one of these and see your battery life go beyond 72 hours between charges. Just think, half to two-thirds of your phone’s energy bill is used to run processes YOU DO NOT WANT, did not install, and probably have no idea are even there!

    This phone is an absolute must; From anyone who’s ever had an uncanny ad pop up, to journalists and activists who may be targets of corrupt governments.


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