The privacy-enabled smartphone

Get your Smartphone with a privacy and security-focused mobile OS.

A secure private smartphone with trackers and spyware removed.The most security-hardened phone available. Pixel 4a pre-installed with GrapheneOS.

smartphone spying and tracking

Your current smartphone is recording your data. All day long, it’s gathering info on where you are, who you are, and what you’re doing. Stop Big Tech from spying on you. Our phone is private and secure. Inherent vulnerabilities have been eliminated!

Based near Toronto, Canada, we’re a new family business with a passion to bring you a smartphone that does NOT scan your data or collect info on what you’re doing with your apps. It’s simply not possible with the Graphene OS. Graphene ensures your phone does NOT track you or spy on you. Secure. Private. Your data is yours alone. Video review here. Official GrapheneOS website here (check out the main overview and FAQ).

Use your favourite apps. “UnGoogled” yes. But it’s still Android, so you can run familiar apps.

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Features, Benefits, Tips

  • Secure calls, texting, and messaging. The GrapheneOS gives you with a foundation that enables you do all of these communications without listening ears, or the sharing of your location or personal data. And we include an app tip sheet in the box to help you select great privacy apps.
  • UnGoogled hardened Android OS version. GrapheneOS is a non-profit open source project. We install it on a brand new unlocked Pixel 4a phone. NO Google apps or services are included. They’re stripped out.
  • Google Pixel 4a! How ironic the best hardware for this is from Google. But the Pixel is a developer’s dream device. Ironically, the Pixel phone meets the stringent privacy and security standards we looked for, and has substantial upstream and downstream hardening, upon which we install GrapheneOS.
  • Your carrier or OS can’t install hidden apps.The phone comes with just a basic and very secure operating system. No tracking. No tracing.
  • You can use your existing number. Just insert your SIM card into the new phone. You’re up and running. Your carrier will recognize the new phone. Then migrate your contacts over. There are great apps for that.
  • How to move your contacts, photos, and other data over to your new phone. Easy to do. There are apps to transfer your content. Or you can use a usb-c adapter and connect a USB flashdrive to transfer photos and content. With iPhone, save all the contacts in vcard format, then email them to yourself and import them to the new phone.
Phone details