Quick overview of our inspections and our shielding products

About Our Inspection Services and Shielding Products

Geovital meters to test EMF

EMF Inspections and Testing

We have a network of trained and certified EMF inspectors across the United States. Our training is from Geovital Academy, experts in EMF radiation exposure and its effects on health and wellbeing.

If you’re concerned about nearby power transmission lines, cell towers, 5G, or any other type of EMF radiation, we can help. We will send a certified EMF inspector to your home or office to perform a complete assessment.

Your Test Results

Once we’ve completed our EMF testing, we’ll go over the results with you. We’ll compare your readings with EMF safety guidelines and recommend the next course of action (if needed). No obligation. Should shielding or filtering solutions be indicated, we have those solutions available.

Installing Shielding Products

Low cost or more complete solutions available. Depends on your budget. With the arrival of 5G wireless technology we believe everyone should consider shielding at least their bedrooms (as sleeping areas are the most important).

A complete solution involves the following Geovital products:

  • PAINT 4 walls and ceiling with Geovital T98 shielding paint (primers and final colour are part of this process).
  • Cover windows with Nova Shielding Fabric.
  • If room is not on ground floor, Shielding Mesh is used to cover the floor. There are various options on how to do this.
  • We will either manage the process and you do the work, or we’ll do it for you.

The Benefits

  • The Test Tesults will give you peace of mind if they are safe, and will give you the power to add remediation solutions if they are needed.
  • Proper Shielding can provide you with a healthier environment.
  • The Health Benefits can change your life. Perhaps a better night’s sleep, reduction of ringing in your ears, digestive issues, nervousness, or prevention of serious chronic diseases.
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