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EMF Meters: a Simple Primer

The meters we use in our home inspections cost thousands of dollars. A do-it-yourselfer who buys a meter on Amazon can never get the accuracy, the highly trained perspective to understand the ramifications of the environment being tested, and know how to assess the readings with an informed action plan on how to proceed. That said, we try to accommodate every type of consumer.

Basically, you are either interested in how bad the radiation from nearby power lines is, or you’re concerned about nearby cell towers. The power lines produce magnetic and electric radiation. That requires a specific type of Gauss meter. The cell tower (or smart meter, or other wireless technology) produces radio frequency (RF). To measure RF, you need a different meter. Sometimes our clients have an equal interest in all three type of EMF radiation. For this, the two meters are required. Note, a “combo” meter simply can’t do the job adequately.

OPTION ONE: Do you want to try doing your own EMF measurements?

In that case, we offer you a kind of hybrid solution that lets you be hands on, but you won’t be left in the cold. Rather than going it alone, we’ll be at your side. Our remote inspection package allows you to buy one of our higher level consumer meters (near professional-grade), and at an agreed upon time, we guide you by phone or video conference in the use of the meter and how to understand the readings. We also provide you with a professionally written report based on the measurements and the whole collaborative process of interpreting your results and potential remediation options is included.


Do you want to proceed with our Remote Inspection Package? This includes the meter you need, and our remote assistance in using it. Report included. Contact us here for more details.

OPTION TWO: An Onsite EMF Inspection by one of our trained and certified Consultants.

If you’re anywhere in Florida, Georgia, or Ontario, we’ll come to do an onsite inspection. If you’re located elsewhere, chances are we can assist. We have a network of consultants across the U.S. and Canada.

EMF Shielding Products

Check out a detailed description of our shielding products here.


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