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Services Update Notice for COVID-19 situation (Mar 19, 2020):

We offer TWO TYPES of Inspection at this time:

1. ON SITE VISIT: We now use enhanced cleaning and distance techniques before, during, and after each inspection.

2. REMOTE INSPECTION: We have pioneered remote testing and consulting over the past 6 years for clients around the world. Our extensive experience with this is now being applied to the current crisis.

CONTACT US HERE to book either type of inspection or to learn more details.

We’re a leading EMF testing and inspections consultancy in Toronto, all Ontario & beyond.

What Can You Do About EMF?

Have one of our EMF home inspectors test your home.  Our inspection experts are trained by Geovital Academy, the world’s leading EMF detection and protection institute. We’ll come onsite to your home or office to test for harmful levels of electromagnetic frequencies, RF, and dirty electricity.

We provide a testing report & list of steps to improve your living environment in the home or office. Should it be indicated, we also have shielding solutions from Geovital.

What Is EMF?

Perhaps you’re concerned about nearby power lines or cell towers. We can come to perform an inspection of your home or a place you’re planning to buy.


Our EMF consultants and inspectors test for harmful EMF radiation in Toronto, the GTA, and all of Ontario using the most advanced Geovital EMF testing meters. Our service includes the testing, an onsite discussion of the findings, recommendations and written report.

EMF safety for babies

Your family’s safety is our primary concern.

How we do our inspections.

Articles about the harmful effects of EMF

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